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Corner Posts

In addition to a wide variety of kitchen island legs, Osborne Wood Products offers beautiful corner posts that can be used to tie together your kitchen design. These were created to adorn corners and can provide elegant detail to your cabinetry, vanities or furniture projects. Their unique profile allows them to be used in a lot of creative applications. At heights ranging from 34 1/2" to 35", these posts can be used in lieu of kitchen island posts. When making your selection, keep in mind the the shape of corner posts and their flat back designed to fit in corners effortlessly.

These hand-carved wooden posts often serve as finishing touches within a design, but their intricate detail can make them a crucial component of the overall look in your space. Each one features delicate carvings that complement traditional, classic and even contemporary designs. Whether you are looking for sophisticated texture or luxurious acanthus leaves, our selection is bound to have the perfect piece. Corner posts require minimal space and are available in varying widths to ensure a flawless fit.

Each corner post is delivered to you unfinished and sanded to 150 grit. You can also choose from multiple wood types depending on what best suits your style. This includes paint and stain grade options which makes customization easy. These posts are sure to create gorgeous dimension in your home. Take the Crest Corner Post (Part #891813), for example. This simple and stunning piece stands out in a contemporary setting. For the kitchen or bathroom that would benefit from an elegant touch, the French Carved Corner Leg (Part #5000) is a beautiful choice.

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