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Osborne Wood Products carries a diverse line of dining table legs at 29 inches in height. They vary from the simpler shaker and mission styles through a lovely selection of turned legs, and even include delicate hand carving. These legs are available in at least ten wood types; sanded to 150 grit and ready to finish. These skillfully crafted table legs are sure to find a home in your next design.

Dining Table legs come completely unfinished without any holes or hardware. However, with Osborne's millwork and installation services, you are guaranteed a perfect fit! Work directly with a customer service representative to determine if your dining table leg needs hardware installed, a chamfer, or other services to simplify your design process. Have your next dining table leg or legs shipped ready to install and finish with the variety of services offered at Osborne. Customers can also order an entire table base kit from Osborne's website, custom made to fit your table top.

Feel free to browse our selection of dining table legs, but don't stop there! Also check out the selection of Kitchen Island Legs, Coffee Table Legs, and End Table Legs that Osborne Wood Products has to offer.


End Table Legs can match other table legs in the room or stand alone.

End tables, or as we often like to call them, occasional tables, are a great accent to any room. When you think about it, there is a great deal of variety in the world of end tables. You can exactly match your sofa table, coffee table, and even your dining table using the same style table legs. Or, you can choose a contrast with the other table styles by using different table legs. It's your choice. Osborne Wood Products, Inc. offers a wide selection of end table legs, all of which can match other legs of different heights. Browse our selection of various wood species to match most any table top that you have or are about to make.

End Table Legs aren't just for End Tables. Think outside of the box and consider a 21" End Table Leg for other projects as well. Use legs at the 21" height for a matching bench to your dining table, or perhaps to spruce up an entry way. If your project calls for a leg a little lower than dining height, be sure to check out the many styles of End Table Legs available. Like all the tables legs in Osborne's line, these products come unfinished and sanded to 150 grit; they do not include any hardware or millwork.


Coffee Table Legs can match other table legs in the room or stand alone.

Our inventory of turned coffee table legs is designed to give you a very broad range of looks from which to select when designing your coffee table. Included are a large number of turned styles traditionally scaled in a manner suitable for replicating a country or farmhouse feeling, such as the Farm Coffee Table Leg or the Heritage Coffee Table Leg. Additionally, several of the coffee table legs are presented in a heftier scale, such as the Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg or the Tapered Mission Coffee Table Leg. For a coffee table that is elegant without pretension, we offer our Cabriole Coffee Table Leg. Browse our selection of quality coffee table legs for a style that will add the perfect touch to your home.

Arriving completely unfinished and sanded to 150 grit, coffee table legs are ready to be finished the moment they come out of the box! Matching your dining table, end table, or coffee table top is easy with a wide selection of wood types to choose from. When searching through the variety of legs at Osborne, you'll find various wood species available for most leg styles. Find just what you need for a perfect coffee table today!


Table Pedestals can be a great alternative to table legs.

Pedestal Tables are a great alternative to the standard four-legged dining table. The pedestal table adds character and dimension to a room, with a unique feel all its own. Pedestal bases and feet give the table a custom look without the custom price. For larger tables, double pedestals can be used to achieve ample support that fits virtually any table top or design.

Add the simplicity and elegance of a pedestal to your table. Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of pedestal bases and feet that can be combined for your perfect table design! Our wooden pedestal bases come sanded to 150 grit, ready to finish and fix with a set of our beautifully crafted pedestal feet. Whether you are looking for a sleek, turned silhouette or a strong square finish, Osborne has just what you need to make your table design possible. Available in wood types for painting or staining, the possibilities are endless. Browse our selection of table pedestals today!


Pine table legs on a coffee table

When designing a kitchen and dining area, wood table legs can be an invaluable tool in completing a given theme. The right dining table legs will not only accent, but strengthen the decor of the room; with elegant legs and delicate touches, or bolder styles that proudly display their strength.

Dining legs can be found in a myriad of styles and sizes, offering countless design possibilities. As dining tables are typically around thirty inches in height, dining table legs are often around twenty-nine inches, allowing some room for the thickness of the table top. As the dimensions of a table top can vary to accommodate different sized crowds, the thickness of the leg should complement the size of the table.

Table legs can be found in many thicknesses, from slender, two inch legs to the more "massive" legs at five inches. Table leg styles available include turned legs, carved table legs, fluted legs and tapered table legs, in addition to cabinet legs and wood bench legs. The choice allows you to refine and clarify your design direction.

For example, as a common design rule, it may be said that heavier turned legs will trend toward the country or provincial styles. Meanwhile, something more delicate - tapered table legs - will tend to embellish a sophisticated style. Carved legs will tend to be a dressier leg than a heavy wood bench leg.

Though the name is quite specific, table legs can be used in many ways. The standard, of course, is the stand alone table in the dining room. However, there are also other great uses for wood table legs. For instance, one might drop the height of an end section of counter to include a built-in dining area. In such a setting, two whole legs are used to support the free end of the table. Many times, rectangular half legs will be used on the counter-end, giving the appearance of support, although the use is really more decorative. The applied half legs give the look of a complete table, even though the support is actually provided by the cabinet wall. Table legs can also be used for things like dining height hutches built into a counter, or be used underneath a butcher block island that has drawers for storage underneath the chopping surface. Turned legs are particularly effective in this application, although carved table legs and even tapered table legs will lend their own specific personality. There are so many possibilities!

Helpful Links on Osborne's Table Legs

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. offers a wonderful selection of unfinished table legs in many styles. All of these legs are available in ten to twelve wood types including maple and oak. Whether you're making a rustic farm table with pine legs, or a sturdy shaker table with cherry legs, or something completely different, our wide selection of high-quality table legs is bound to meet your demands. Many of our standard designs can also serve as replacement table legs when repairing or restyling an existing table. Additionally, Osborne now offers more sustainable options. In those rare instances when you do not find the wooden furniture legs you need in our standard inventory, we are pleased to assist you with custom legs.

Table Base Kits are also available and can incorporate any of Osborne's table legs. The kits come with wooden table apron pieces, table legs, and all the hardware required to assemble a beautiful table base.

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