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Along with a vast inventory of decorative furniture components, Osborne Wood Products offers a line of hardware supplies. From hanger bolts to floating shelf bracket kits, our hardware selection makes it simple to install furniture feet, table legs and other wooden components within our collection.

If you are looking to support a table build, we offer various methods of securing wooden table legs. Choose from a traditional square Mounting Block Wood Plate or create a mid-century modern look with the Angled Leg Mounting Cleats. We also offer metal plates that can be used to quickly install table legs. With so many application methods, you are bound to find the perfect hardware solution to enhance your table or furniture design.

Other popular products within our hardware collection are meant to be used with wooden corbels. One option for providing support to corbels is by utilizing the Industrial Hanger, but we also offer a metal bracket that can be beneficial if you are interested in increasing the weight capacity of a project. If you are unsure which hardware is right for your build, our customer service team is happy to help with any questions you may have. We also offer custom hardware installation allowing you to easily purchase project-ready components.

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