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Round Bun Feet

Osborne Wood Products offers a wide variety of wood bun feet for a host of design needs. Round bun feet for cabinets, chests, sofas, and more come in many styles and sizes. Most of these feet are available in 10 or more wood types, giving you the flexibility you need to deal with the differing needs of your client base. Additionally, they are available in styles ranging from the delightfully simple to the more ornate.

Carved bird claw feet suit antique styled pieces in Queen Anne decor, while the simple yet elegant English Country feet offer a more familiar beauty. Simple pieces like the Apple Bun Foot and the Tulip Bun Foot would be equally at home in a cozy and rustic setting as they would in a more elegant setting.

Unfinished bun feet have diverse application possibilities. A strong trend in the kitchen cabinet industry is to give a more familiar and homey feel to cabinetry by adding cabinet feet at the toe kick. Cabinets have so long been seen as having a purely functional purpose, and the addition of furniture feet makes them look less uninspiring and more like furniture. Adding this classic touch to cabinetry is a good way to add value to your next project, by creating a homey yet elegant look that will never go out of style.

Of course, bun feet are also perfectly suited for use with actual furniture; whether by replacing damaged furniture feet, or lending their support to furniture that is a new construction. These feet can be perfectly placed under sofas, ottomans, living room chairs, or wooden or upholstered chests, or even as a decorative replacement for bed feet. The perfect wooden feet for your next project or repair job are only a click away!

Download Our Application Guide to learn more about Bun Foot Installation.

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